9S Mechanical

Since 1895 when Seiko built its first mechanical pocket watch, the history of Seiko's mechanical watchmaking is a story of ever-increasing accuracy and reliability.

The 9S series continues this tradition and is the best mechanical watch Seiko has ever built.
9S Mechanical Caliber Series

A continuing story of craftsmanship and innovation Since making its first wristwatch in 1913, Seiko has continuously refined its mechanical watchmaking skills and, today, makes every component, including mainsprings and balance springs, in-house.

As a true ‘manufacture’, and inspired by the founder, Kintaro Hattori’s vision that Seiko should always be one step ahead of the rest, the story of Seiko’s mechanical watchmaking is one of constant innovation.
The 9S family of calibers is the latest embodiment of Seiko’s relentless pursuit of perfection