Grand Seiko White Birch SLGH005

Grand Seiko White Birch SLGH005

Grand Seiko White Birch



The white birch tree that thrives in Shizukuishi.

The texture of the dial captures the white birch forests that are found near the Grand Seiko Watch Studio (where all Grand Seiko mechanical movements are created) in Shizukuishi.










Series 9 Design

The overall look of the watch is known as the Series 9 Design and it will be an important part of the Grand Seiko Heritage Collection’s signature in the years to come.

The Series 9 Design is true to the Grand Seiko Style defined back in 1967 with the celebrated 44GS, but its heritage is combined with a powerful contemporary feel that points towards a new era

You will find the Zaratsu polish, a distortion free mirror finish, on the case & bracelet. Soft satin lines grace the top side of the bezel. The case lugs are just wide enough and the low center of gravity ensures the watch sits easily and comfortably on the wrist.


Featuring the New Hi-Beat 9SA5 Movement

First introduced in 2020, the Hi-Beat Caliber 9SA5 is a new standard in high-beat horology. This new movement has enhanced performance with increased power reserve.

This new movement features a dual impulse escapement that increases the transfer efficiency of the power from the mainspring. New components made with MEMS technology allow for the increased efficiency of the escapement. Connecting the twin barrels allows for 10 beats per second while delivering a continuous operation period of 80 hours.

The new overcoil created specifically for this movement has a curved shape that allows for optimized performance in every position.

Faster date change with the creation of a new date change mechanism.

Slim movement design, roughly 15% slimmer than a traditional hi-beat movement.

Heritage Collection Series 9

SLGH005 White Birch


Available Mid-March

  • 40mm Zaratsu polish stainless steel case
  • Box Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on inner surface
  • Zaratsu polished stainless steel bracelet with push button release clasp
  • 9SA5 Automatic Hi-Beat
  • 80 Hour power reserve
  • Textured dial of white birch trees

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