GRAND SEIKO SBGW279 Oruri Song Bird USA Edition


Oruri of the Genbi Valley. The delicate sun-ray pattern of the deep blue dial creates an impression of the feather texture of the Oruri, or Blue-and-White Flycatcher, that can be found in the Genbi Valley in Iwate prefecture near Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi.

During Rikka, the sekki or seasonal phase marking the beginning of summer, the Oruri songbird migrates from Southeast Asia to the mountainous regions of Japan, such as the Iwate prefecture. Here, they spend their summer months to the delight of locals who can listen to the Blue-and-White Flycatcher’s enchanting twittering. With their beautiful blue feathers, these charming songbirds serve as the inspiration for a new U.S. special edition timepiece, the SBGW279.

The classic case design, influenced by the first Grand Seiko of 1960, offers a charming manual-wind dress watch with thoughtful proportions, an impressive movement, a simplistic dial with no date, and distortion-free finishing. Housed inside the comfortable-sized 37.3mm stainless steel case is the 9S64 mechanical manual-wind movement.

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Additional Information
Case Size:
37.3mm x 11.7mm
Case Material:
Stainless steel with Zaratsu polish
Sapphire  – box shaped
Mechanical, Manual wind,  Caliber 9S64
Brilliant Blue
Brown crocodile with stainless steel buckle