Rubber B SwimSkin® Alligator

Working privately with the top factory in Switzerland for over four years, RB developed new, complicated machinery and techniques in order to provide the luxury watch industry with rubber finishes that look identical to alligator and other permeable materials. These watch straps have the look and texture like real leather yet do not harm animals in order to achieve classic beauty. Alligators at one point had been farmed to the near brink of extinction. Rubber B knew there had to be a better way, and invested greatly in this achievement

SwimSkin® Straps by Rubber B are made of pure 100% Vulcanized Rubber, which is more durable, hypo-allergenic and can withstand the effects of seawater, chlorinated water, UV sun, sand, and sweat.

SwimSkin® is available in a variety of sizes & custom fits for a large selection of watch models.

Please contact us for availability, ordering and any questions.

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Additional Information

• Looks and feels IDENTICAL TO NATURAL MOISTURE-SENSITIVE MATERIALS SUCH AS ALLIGATOR HIDE OR KEVLAR® FABRIC, yet SwimSkin® is 100% rubber (descriptive tiles further below).

• An elegant watch strap that is uniquely waterproof for all aquatic and active lifestyles. Imagine enjoying a classic watch with its alligator strap while swimming at the beach or pool.

• Integrated versions are designed and calibrated specifcally for one watch model and contain TITANIUM INSERTS housing the spring-bars and pins for strength and endurance.

• Offered in a variety of colors and textures across various series for Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Breitling, and Apple Watch.