Seiko Presage SPB269 Zero Halliburton LE


Presage Sharp-Edged Series GMT Zero Halliburton Limited Edition. Offering the finest in Japanese mechanical watchmaking, the Presage Collection blends precision technology with superior craftsmanship and design. The cool angularity of the Sharp-Edged Series, celebrating the fresh look of contemporary Japanese design, provides a perfect match for its first collaborative collection, a Limited Edition group designed with the iconic Zero Halliburton luggage brand. With clean functionality and graceful lines, the aluminum travel cases of Zero Halliburton, first established in 1938, have gained an enthusiastic worldwide following. Created with the blend of practicality and style characteristic of both brands, the new Limited Editions feature a distinctive dial pattern combining Zero Halliburton’s double-rib design and the Presage Sharp-Edged Series’ Asanoha hemp-leaf motif, a symbol of growth and prosperity dating to the Heian Period (794-1185 AD). Available only in a limited edition of 2,000, with the Zero Halliburton logo on each screw-down.

This model Presage is not available through online purchase, however, you may contact us to purchase or for more information.
Additional Information
Case Size:
Case Material:
Stainless steel with Blac & Blue 24-hour bezel
Automatic with manual winding capacity, caliber 6R64
GMT, Time , date
Patterned white dial evoking the traditional hemp leaf motif of the Heian Period
Stainless steel with folding clasp
Limited Editioin:
2,000 pieces  steel with folding clasp